Reviewing Infrastructure and Distributing IMBs in Tanah Merah Village, Anies Guarantees Decent Settlements for Residents

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In four years of Governor Anies Baswedan's leadership, Jakarta Government issued 68 Building Permits (IMB) in Priority Village (Kampung Prioritas). It was stipulated in Governor's Decree No. 878/2018 on Task Force for Implementation of Village and Community Arrangement.

It is also a solution for problems related to buildings whose legal status have not been completed

Tens IMBs were symbolically given by Governor Anies to 17 representatives of beneficiaries at Tanah Merah Village Infrastructure Inauguration event, in Rawa Badak Selatan Urban Village, Koja, North Jakarta, Saturday (10/16).

"This IMB area is the first in Indonesia. Not only for one building, but one area such as in one community unit (RT) under cooperative. It is also a solution for problems related to buildings whose legal status have not been completed, but in fact, many people have stayed in here for decades. They need electricity and water service properly. It must have IMB," he said as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

He also ensured feasibility of various infrastructures in Tanah Merah Village, including: 3.1 kilometers concreted road, concreted U-ditch drainage system, communal septic tanks, 6 (six) gates, PAM Jaya water pipes for 1,100 customers, and vertical garden that has been build through Community Action Plan (CAP) and Collaborative Implementation Program (CIP).

Those programs include establishing Himmata Foundation, inaugurating Al Asyaroh Mosque in RW 10, Rawa Badak Selatan Urban Village, Koja, and inaugurating construction of Kali Betik Bridge which connects Tanah Merah Village and Kelapa Gading Barat Urban Village, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

"This is a message for all of us, in this city, life is better. The government has responsibility to find a way out when the needs and regulations are not met. Therein lies government's responsibility to find a middle way and collaborate with community and private sector," he stated.

He also advised Tanah Merah Village resident to always keep the environment clean, neat, and healthy. It includes all activities in the village that must be maintained for its togetherness, interaction, and mutual assistance among residents.

"We all have to keep the environment clean, neat, and healthy. The village is alive, but the slums are gone. Don't let villages disappear, but you need to eliminate the slum," he mentioned.

In this visit, his side was accompanied by North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim and Vice Mayor, Juaini; PMPTSP Agency Head, Benni Aguscandra; Jakarta Secretariat Assistant for Governance, Sigit Wijatmoko; and community leaders in Tanah Merah Village.