Anies Ensures to Fulfill Residents' Needs of Food Through KSBB by Involving Warteg in Jakarta

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2021 23:32 Yudha Peta Ogara 93

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Through Large-Scale Social Collaboration (KSBB) program which is implemented to meet food needs of residents affected by COVID-19, Jakarta Government cooperates with warteg owners in five municipalities. One of them is Warteg Family located in Palmeriam, Matraman, East Jakarta.

We must continue to maintain and strengthen the solidarity, concern, and sense of community between Jakartans

On this occasion, Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan also reviewed KSBB Food program implementation towards wartegs in Jakarta. He appreciated collaborators and stakeholders who took a part in data collection, funding, monitoring, verification of purchase transaction, socialization, and distribution for the sustainability of this program.

"Important role of those who involved is making the KSBB Food activity run smoothly and provide benefits to underprivileged people. We must continue to maintain and strengthen the solidarity, concern, and sense of community between Jakartans. Through KSBB Food program, we work together with hope the collaboration can improve warteg economy in Jakarta," he said as reported by Jakarta PPID Press Release, Thursday (10/14).

He also assessed that KSBB Food program can be a momentum to encourage all levels in society to improve food security of the poor, thus they can continue to live decently and have their needs of food fulfilled.

"Thank you to all who have supported and contributed to this activity. Hopefully our efforts are right on target and accepted by underprivileged residents. Let's be a part in helping underprivileged people. This collaboration is expected to continue to grow, be contagious, and become a community movement," he conveyed.

For information, this KSBB Food program aims to help warteg owners affected by COVID-19 pandemic by buying food from 1,000 wartegs who are collaborating in this program. Then, food made by those wartegs are distributed to underprivileged people around the warteg, while at the same time encouraging people to buy food from warteg again.

In realizing this program, each municipality at least register 200 wartegs in the region, where each warteg providing 50 meal boxes and maximum spending Rp 750,000.

Jakarta Government collaborates with Warteg Nusantara Cooperative, urban villages, and RT/RW administrators in determining wartegs and residents who will get the benefits. Then, PT. Pancoran Soccer Field as collaborator provided funds for 1,000 wartegs.

Jakarta Government is also collaborating with Turun Tangan Foundation in monitoring and verifying the aid. Food distribution is carried out door-to-door to underprivileged residents based on data from urban villages and RT/RW administrators.