Governor Distributes Meal Boxes to Matraman Market Traders

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Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan visited Matraman Market in Kebon Kosong, East Jakarta, and distributed meal boxes to traders on Thursday (10/14) afternoon.

Through KSBB Food program, we help each other with hope that this collaboration can improve economy of wartegs in Jakarta

Accompanied by East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar, he walked down the traditional market. While greeting the traders, he gave meal boxes to them.

"Thank you, Mr. Anies," said a trader who occupied one of the stalls in the market when receiving meal box from Anies.

Before distributing meal boxes, he and other officials visited Warteg Family owned by Takuri Abdul Komeng on Jl. Penggalang RT 09/01 Palmeriam, which is about 20 meters from the market. The meal boxes that he distributed to the traders were made by this warteg.

He distributed meal boxes to residents and market traders as a part of Large-Scale Social Collaboration (KSBB) Food program launched by Jakarta Government with Pancoran Soccer Field, Turun Tangan Foundation, and Warung Nusantara Community/Cooperative.

"Through KSBB Food program, we help each other with hope that this collaboration can improve economy of wartegs in Jakarta," he mentioned.

Pancoran Soccer Field Chairman, Gede Widiade said, this activity lasted for six days and was scheduled to end on Friday (10/15).

"Hopefully, this activity can be well received by Jakarta Government and Warung Nusantara Cooperative, an association of Warteg Nusantara. We also thank other parties who have cared for Warung Tegal (warteg) and residents around it," he conveyed.

Takuri Abdul Koment, the owner of Warteg Family admitted, KSBB Food program increased sales turnover at his food stall which was affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

His business which was initiated in 2011 was affected greatly by COVID-19 pandemic. Sales turnover fell drastically by up to 50 percent during the pandemic.

"KSBB Food program really helps to increase our warteg business. We can also help people around us," he stated.

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