Here are Facilities Provided in Samawa Tower, the Zero Down Payment Housing

Kamis, 14 Oktober 2021 20:46 Nurito 98

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Living in a residence with many facilities and adequate infrastructure is one of many people's dream.

The building already has been occupied by more than 600 families

This dream is realized by Jakarta Government by building Zero Down Payment (DP) housing or popularly called Samawa Tower (Samawa is abreviation of Solusi Rumah Warga or Solution for Residents' Houses) in Klapa Village, Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta.

Groundbreaking of the 20-storey building on 1.4 hectares land was carried out by Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan on January 18, 2018.

"In this program, we are trying to fulfill our promise by providing access for all Jakartans to own house. So there will be no social inequality in the community," he said at that time.

Now, the building already has been occupied by more than 600 families of Jakarta residents where they can enjoy a comfortable, safe, and beautiful residence in this Samawa apartment.

Samawa Tower Building Manager, Afry Purwanto explained, more than 600 families live in this 20-storey apartment. Each floor has 39 residential units.

According to him, this apartment is equipped with various facilities, including early childhood education facility for the occupants which located on the right side of the building. It is also equipped with children playground with swings, slides, seesaws on green grass.

There is also prayer room (musala) and community hall that can be used for social interaction, such as social gathering, birthday party, or just a place to hang out with other occupants.

"Prayer room and community hall are equipped with internet network," he conveyed, Thursday (10/14).

For people with disabilities, Samawa Tower also provides special parking lot and roads. So, there is no need to worry about visiting and staying here.

"We also provide green area as wide as 300 square meters to facilitate residents who like to grow plants. There is also hydroponic greenhouse managed by Samawa Farmer Group which equipped with 3 nutritional ponds," he stated.

In order to access public transportation, occupants can use Transjakarta bus shelter in the area.

They don't need to worry about security since it is guarded by security officers for 24 hours. In addition, there are three emergency stairs that can be accessed in case of fire. Besides, the building also equipped with 4 units of fire extinguisher and  two hydrants on each floor, as well as sprinklers on every 2 square meters.

In December, he added, his side will build sports facility for occupants. He will also provide chairs and tables in the main lobby for guests or residents who want to wait to be picked up by online taxi or motorbike.

Samawa Tower has four elevators, consisting of two passenger elevators and two freight elevators. Previously, one passenger elevator was broken. But now it has been repaired by management in collaboration with vendor or contractor of elevator brand holder.

"Because the spare parts are indent, we have to wait two weeks. After arriving, they immediately installed and repaired it. Now, the elevator has operated normally since mid-September," he mentioned.

In September, his side issued new policy. During peak times at 06:00-09:00 and 16:00-20:00, his side will operate 3 elevators, namely two passenger elevators and one freight elevator. Likewise, on Saturdays and Sundays, three elevators are operated from 10:00 to 18:00.

"It is done to break down density or queues of residents who will use elevator," he continued.

The elevator was unusable before due to faulty electrical panel but it was fixed in June. Now the electricity is back to normal.

"Samawa Tower has an electric power supply system sourced 100 percent from PLN," he said.

The back up power system only covers public areas. Thus if PLN goes out, several public devices such as water in residential units, unit's front corridor lighting, public area lighting, two elevators, prayer room, community hall and lobby can still operate normally from generators.