Inaugurating Seven High-Ranking Officials, Anies Expects New Breakthroughs in Managing Jakarta

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Seven high-ranking officials (echelon 2) in Jakarta Government took the oath after being inaugurated by Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan at Jakarta City Hall, Central Jakarta.

Today's inauguration is a regeneration process to refresh organization

Anies said that employee mutation, such as job promotion and transfer are normal that occur in the dynamic of government institutions.

It is also in accordance with bureaucratic reform and dynamics of times, especially in working to give the best service to the community. "Today's inauguration is a regeneration process to refresh organization thus government can be better from time to time. Today's inauguration and taking the oath events have also fulfilled the applicable provisions recommended by KASN and the competency test results of High-Ranking Leadership Officials within Jakarta Provincial Government in 2021," he said as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Wednesday (10/13)

He also explained that 2022 is a period of completing regional strategic visions, missions, and programs according to Regional Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) 2017-2022. Therefore, he asked officials who were newly appointed to make sure everything was done.

"Complete all targets of RPJMD, KSD, Promises of Governor/Vice Governor, and regional priority issues as stated in Governor's Instruction No. 49/2021 about Settlement of Regional priority Issues 2021-2022. Take each other's responsibilities, meaning if there are targets for RPJMD, KSD, Promises of Governor/Vice Governor and regional priority issues that have not been resolved and sector you lead can contribute to solving them, then do it," he asserted.

He added that in the end of each mayor's leadership, priority programs from existing work programs in each Regional Apparatus (PD) can be completed immediately. In addition, various programs under their responsibility can be carried out as planned.

"Thus the expected result can be achieved, especially if it can be useful and make residents happy. Therefore, make breakthroughs, create innovations, new ideas, no matter how small, because they can be very needed in solving problems faced along the rapid changes and developments in the current situation and condition of society," he conveyed.

For information, here are the names of inaugurated high-ranking officials: South Jakarta Mayor, Munjirin; West Jakarta Mayor, Yani Wahyu Purwoko; Jakarta Environment (LH) Agency Head, Asep Kuswanto; Jakarta Bapenda Head, Lusiana Herawati; Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Head, Andhika Permata; Secretary for Jakarta Council, Firmansyah; and Assistant for Welfare at Jakarta Secretariat, Uus Kuswanto.

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