Anies Expects Collaboration to Be Key to Anticipating Disasters in Rainy Season

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2021 15:34 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 56

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Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, together with all ranks of Jakarta Forkopimda held morning assembly regarding Preparedness in Facing Rainy Season at South Monas Cross Field, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (10/13) morning.

We encourage all Jakartans to be aware of chance of precipitation

This activity was held as an effort to prepare government ranks in facing rainy season. As well as to ensure the readiness of joint personnel, equipment, and supplies, consisting of government ranks, TNI, Police, business institutions, and other disaster relief organizations.

"We encourage all Jakartans to be aware of chance of precipitation. We also need collaborative support from community to be prepared for rainy season. let's keep the environment clean, work together, clean water channels, and throw garbage to its place," said Anies who led the ceremony, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Wednesday (10/13).

Furthermore, he also mentioned to improve equipment in order to anticipate flooding in rainy season.

"Starting this year, we have rain gauges in all 267 urban villages in Jakarta. So we know exactly precipitation over an area. It is a concrete manifestation of collaboration that will be the main key in preparing for rainy season," he said.

He also conveyed other efforts prepared by Jakarta Government for preparation in facing rainy season, namely revitalizing reservoirs and pumps, running Gerebek Lumpur (Mud Dredging) program in five administrative cities, optimizing JAKI application as public reporting channel, using Pantau Banjir portal ( as flood information media, delivering disaster early warnings through SMS Blast in collaboration with Ministry of Communication and Informatics, and serving public through toll-free emergency telephone service at Jakarta Siaga call center 112.

"There are three main keywords that become principles for all officers and volunteers to deal with rainy season, namely Siaga (Readiness), Tanggap (Responsive), and Galang (Supporting). Hopefully our collaborative efforts can minimize impacts of rainy season," he added.

Meanwhile, Jakarta BPBD Head, Sabdo Kurnianto stated, as many as 1,458 joint personnel attended the morning assembly, consisting of 610 personnel from regional apparatus, 120 personnel from TNI, 160 personnel from police, 90 personnel from business institutions, 420 personnel from disaster relief organizations, and 58 personnel from media. In the location was also displayed various equipment that will be used to support their performance in facing rainy season such as 111 cars, 45 motorbikes, 108 boats, 13 tents, and 3 heavy equipment.

"Jakarta Government not only strengthens collaboration between personnel and institutions, but also provides 1,262 shelter locations that can accommodate 105,804 people along with various supporting infrastructure such as emergency tents, public kitchen, and other supporting logistics in flood-prone areas," he said.

For information, this morning assembly was also attended by National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Head, Lt. Gen. TNI, Ganip Warsito; Polda Metro Jaya Chief, Inspector Gen. Pol. M. Fadil Imran; Pangdam Jaya Maj. Gen. TNI, Mulyo Aji; Jakarta Deputy Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria, leaders from Jakarta Forkopimda, and Jakarta OPD elements, business institutions, and other disaster relief organizations.