30 People with Mental Disorders Have Been Vaccinated at Ciracas Health Center

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2021 19:06 Nurito Maria Inggita 106

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

Total 30 people with mental disorders (ODGJ) have been vaccinated at Ciracas Sub-district Health Center (Puskesmas), East Jakarta on Tuesday (10/12). This vaccination service was carried out to commemorate World Mental Health Day 2021.

Related to ODGJs who haven't been vaccinated, we will coordinate thus they can be vaccinated

They came accompanied by family members or staffs to get vaccinated in mental health service room located on the second floor of Ciracas Sub-district Health Center. After being vaccinated, ODGJs received parcels containing clothing, tumbler, bottled drinks, and snacks.

Ciracas Sub-district Health Center Head, Santayana Daulay mentioned, ODGJs who were vaccinated today were patients who routinely seek treatment at health center. His side not only provided vaccination service for ODGJs but also for their companions. Type of vaccine used is first dose Pfizer vaccine. While for second dose vaccination is adjusted to type of vaccine received as the first dose.

"Total 30 ODGJs and their companions were vaccinated today using Pfizer vaccines," he conveyed.

Because ODGJs need special attention, he explained, health workers tried to persuade, entertain and motivate them to be vaccinated.

"Especially for ODGJs who haven't been vaccinated and are still at home, we will coordinate with local urban village or sub-district to carry out door-to-door vaccination service," he stated.

Ciracas Sub-district Head, Mamad appreciated health center for facilitating vaccination for ODGJs in his region. This vaccination service is very helpful in accelerating vaccination rate in order to achieve herd immunity.

"Related to ODGJs who haven't been vaccinated, we will coordinate thus they can be vaccinated," he added.

According to him, current vaccination rate in Ciracas has reached 79 percent. The region is now categorized as yellow zone and expected to be green zone as soon as possible. Therefore, his side continues to intensify vaccination service for residents.

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