Channels and Weeds on Jalan Puspa II Being Cleaned

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2021 18:07 TP Moan Simanjuntak 67

(Foto: TP Moan Simanjuntak -

Around eight PPSU personnel or called orange troop from Cengkareng Timur Urban Village, Cengkareng, West Jakarta are seen cleaning up water channels and weeds on Jalan Puspa II, RT 11/RW12, on Tuesday (10/22).

It also aims to create a clean, tidy and beautiful environment

According to Hipni, Division Head of Economic and Development for Cengkareng Timur Urban Village, it was carried out as the channel condition was full of mud and waste. Moreover, the surrounding area was overgrown with weeds that can make the neighborhood slum and trigger flooding.

"It also aims to create a clean, tidy and beautiful environment," he expressed.

After it was done, he added, it would be continued with the cleaning of the channels on Jalan Puspa IV and Puspa V.

"About three weeks ago, PPSU had cleaned the park at Jalan Puspa V. We also plan to clean the channel there," he concluded.