376 PPSU Personnel in Pasar Rebo Ready to Anticipate Flood Risk

Jumat, 08 Oktober 2021 16:12 Nurito Nugroho Adibrata 110

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

As many as 376 PPSU personnel or called orange troop from Pasar Rebo Sub-district, East Jakarta, participated in the ceremony about preparedness for rainy season and flood at Cijantung Mini Stadium, on Friday (10/8). It was led by Pasar Rebo Sub-district Head, Mujiono.

Let's work together more optimally to serve the community

On that occasion, he was motivating them to improve their morale to face the possibility of flooding during the rainy season.

"Indeed they have worked optimally but I want more than that, especially when helping flood victims," he asserted, while being greeted with cheers from PPSU members.

According to him, they were already on multi-function duty. Not only the problem of garbage on land, but also in water channels. They even handle flood and post-flood management, evacuate fallen trees, become admins, arrange parks and so on. No wonder, they have a slogan "a troop for solving all affairs".

Pasar Rebo Sub-district Vice Head, Santoso added, those 376 personnel were spread in five urban villages and were divided into three shifts for 24 hour.

The third shift was to anticipate events from night to dawn, such as floods, fallen trees or other events that require fast handling.

"Let's work together more optimally to serve the community," he stated.