JakLingko Integrated Transportation Card and Application will Be Launched in Early 2022

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PT. JakLingko Indonesia targets JakLingko Integrated Application and Transportation Card to be used by public in early 2022.

Users can feel the effectiveness in terms of transportation expenses

Expansion continues to be piloted in stages until end of 2021 to test journey planner from four public transportation modes in one trip ticket. This refers to provisions of Bank Indonesia thus the implementation and the use of application can obtain positive inputs from various elements of society before it can be downloaded massively.

PT. JakLingko Indonesia President Director, Muhamad Kamaluddin mentioned, four public transportation modes in Jakarta, namely MRT Jakarta, LRT Jakarta, Transjakarta, and KAI Commuter Line have been connected to JakLingko Indonesia integration system to plan trips and make ticket payments.

"One to three payment gates in each stations and bus shelters in Jakarta are connected to current integrated system of JakLingko Indonesia," he conveyed, Tuesday (10/5).

There were 130 gates in August 2021, he continued, and now the number has doubled. His side targeted to modify 1,300 gates in bus shelters and public transportation stations in Jakarta by December 2021.

"Mikrotrans and buses outside the corridor haven't connected yet. The expansion trial will continue until end of this year," he expressed.

According to him, JakLingko integrated application is targeted to be downloaded by public in January 2022. Also, the payment gates at all bus shelters and stations in Jakarta are targeted to be fully integrated with JakLingko system by January 2022. However, the intermodal integration tariff hasn't been applied yet thus it still uses the old or current tariff.

"JakLingko application can be downloaded by most public transportation users in January 2022, but it still uses old tariff. So, the system has been integrated but the tariff will be integrated in March 2022. In March 2022, it will use same application with tariff that has been adjusted with intermodal integration tariff," he explained.

He ensured the new tariff that is targeted to take effect in March 2022 will be more economical and can promote intermodal integration tariff throughout Jabodetabek. In the future, intermodal integration tariff will be cheaper than tariff for each transportation mode which applies in Jabodetabek.

"Users can feel the effectiveness in terms of transportation expenses compared to total expenditure in a month. It also makes it easier for users to pay tickets for those transportation modes through JakLingko integrated application," he stated.

He emphasized that the expansion trial is also carried out to be policy determinant, one of which is the provision of subsidies to certain public transportation users. In the future, tariff will be charged based on user profiles, for example users who are elderly, students, veterans will get lower tariff.

"There will be special activation for this card and application in order to get tariff based on user profiles," he said.

Related to intermodal integration tariff, he added, Jakarta Government is currently discussing it through JakLingko Integration Tariff team and Ministry of Transportation.

"It becomes our commitment and we continue to support integration tariff team both at Jakarta Government and Ministry of Transportation to complete all regulatory targets in 2022. We have milestone from month to month," he closed.

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