415 Joint Personnel and 10 Excavators Deployed to Dredge Mookervart River

Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2021 19:34 Suparni Maria Inggita 168

(Foto: Suparni - Beritajakarta.id)

Total 415 joint personnel from West Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency, Environment Sub-agency's Water Body Unit, Bina Marga Sub-agency, City Park and Forestry Sub-agency, Transportation Sub-agency, Satpol PP, PPSU personnel from Kalideres Sub-district were deployed in Gerebek Lumpur (mud dredging) at Mookervart River, Semanan Urban Village.

We will normalize it to 125 cubic meters per second

West Jakarta Vice Mayor, Yani Wahyu Purwoko conveyed, Mookervart River with width 40-45 meters connects Cisadane River flow to Cengkareng Drain and canals in Jakarta.

Mookervart River is a strategic flood control channel in Semanan, Rawa Buaya, Duri Kosambi and Kalideres Urban Villages.

"Silting causes water flow in Mookervart River to only reach 91.37 cubic meters per second. We will normalize it to 125 cubic meters per second," he said, Saturday (10/2).

His side deployed 6 amphibious excavators and 4 long arm excavators. Besides, 30 dump trucks were also deployed to transport mud sedimentation and garbage.

"We hope this dredging will reduce the impacts of inundation in residential areas around Mookervart River," he stated.

Meanwhile, Jakarta SDA Sub-agency Head, Yusmada Faizal conveyed, Gerebek Lumpur was carried out in three segments, starting from Semanan to Cengkareng Drain.

"Our target is to dredge 154,000 cubic meter mud sedimentation thus water flow in Mookervart River can return to normal. We are optimistic that we are ready to face rainy season this time with various efforts to prevent inundation and flooding," she asserted.