Inaugurating Tebet and Palmerah Stations Arrangement, Anies: Public Transportation in Jakarta Becomes More Integrated

Rabu, 29 September 2021 18:30 Yudha Peta Ogara 103

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Efforts in providing integrated transportation is seriously being carried out by Jakarta Government in collaboration with various parties, from BUMN Ministry to private sectors. This collaboration became even more intense when Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan together with Transportation Minister, Budi Karya Sumadi and BUMD Minister, Erick Thohir inaugurated Jabodetabek Transportation Integration as well as Tebet and Palmerah Stations arrangement.

If collaboration is done in earnest, the benefits will be greatly felt by the community

Those two stations are the fifth and sixth stations that have been arranged and both of them have been integrated. According to Anies, this inauguration is the result of collaboration work that is carried out seriously and thoroughly, which resulting an integrated transportation service whose benefits are greatly felt by the community.

"This event is monumental, not only as stepping stone for better transportation services, but also to prove that if collaboration is done in earnest, the benefits will be greatly felt by the community," he conveyed, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Wednesday (9/29).

"Today we also inaugurated the fifth and sixth stations which are the nodes of integrated transportation, where the policy is prepared by Transportation Ministry, while BUMD Ministry and Jakarta Government work together to realize its operational form," he said.

He hopes that integration of various transportation modes in Jakarta will attract more people in Jakarta to take public transportation because it is affordable in terms of routes, costs, and time.

"This is what we present to the residents of Jakarta and its surrounding areas that public transportation in Jakarta becomes more integrated. You can travel from one place to another using one system," he stated.

"We hope with this integration, more people think that taking public transportation is a rational choice, because it is affordable in terms of distance, cost, predictable in time, and can be done while doing other activities, thus taking public transportation will make us more productive," he added.

In addition to inaugurating Tebet and Palmerah Stations and witnessing the signing of Jabodetabek Transportation Integration document, Anies also announced the construction of Multipurpose Crossing Bridge (JPM) which is planned to be completed in June 2022 in line with operation of Jabodebek LRT and Sudirman Station revitalization. JPM construction and Sudirman Station revitalization are not covered by APBN or APBD, but using creative financing.

Furthermore, Anies also carried out soft launching of ticketing system and SuperApp JakLingko. Through those systems, Jakarta Government is expected to provide special awards to individuals who have contributed to Jakarta.

"Today is also JakLingko's ticketing soft launching. This system allows price difference, thus we can provide cheaper prices for passengers who have given contribution in Jakarta, for example veterans, retirees, students, and so on. So, public transport is not only a means to take us from one place to another, but also a city's symbol of appreciation to people who have contributed," he mentioned.

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