North Jakarta Begins to Give First Covid-19 Shots to 150 People in Lagoa

Minggu, 26 September 2021 17:40 Suparni 84

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The RW 03 Secretariat, Jalan Lagoa Terusan, Lagoa Urban Village, Koja Sub-district, Noth Jakarta has started administering a first Covid-19 shot to 150 targeted residents.

Today we give them Pfizer vaccines

North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim, appreciated the vaccination held by the Karang Taruna youth organization in collaboration with local Puskesmas in a bid to support the government in curbing the pandemic.

"In North Jakarta, there are already four urban villages that have exceeded 80 percent based on local ID cards," he explained.

Lagoa Urban Village Head, Mohammad Muzakir added, today's vaccination is specifically to facilitate those who have never been vaccinated against Covid, because of certain things or diseases.

"Today we give them Pfizer vaccines. Until 11:30 AM, 90 people have been vaccinated," he explained.

According to him, it would be held until September 29th.

"Vaccination achievements in Lagoa have touched about 70 percent of the 57,000 targeted people," he said.