People Seem Enthusiastic About Vaccination Held at Lapangan Jagung Tanah Sereal

Sabtu, 25 September 2021 19:30 TP Moan Simanjuntak 92

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Vaccination service which held by Kodam Jaya and Tanah Sereal Urban Village, Tambora, West Jakarta at Lapangan Jagung RT 04/03, Saturday (9/25) received positive response from local residents.

Those who have been vaccinated today will also get five-kilogram rice package

This activity which themed 'Tanah Sereal Towards Green Zone with Pangdam Jaya' was attended by Pangdam Jaya Commander, Maj. Gen. Mulyo Aji; Metro Jaya Police Chief, Inspector General Pol. Mohammad Fadil Imran; West Jakarta Mayor, Uus Kuswanto; Tambora Sub-district Head, Bambang Sutarna and other related officials.

Tambora Sub-district Head, Bambang Sutarna mentioned, this vaccination service was open for residents with Jakarta ID card and non-Jakarta ID card. Hopefully it could accelerate vaccination program in Tanah Sereal Urban Village.

"We really appreciate this door-to-door service initiated by Kodam Jaya and Jakarta Government. People also seem enthusiastic about being vaccinated," he stated.

Tanah Sereal Urban Village Head, Suharti added, it served for dose 1 and 2 vaccination with Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines. Her side provided 1,000 Sinovac vaccines and 300 AstraZeneca vaccines.

"Health personnel from Kesdam Jaya are assisted by TNI AL and Police personnel," she conveyed.

Seeing people's enthusiasm, she believed that target 1000 people could be surpassed today. For information, until this afternoon, as many as 700 people had been vaccinated.

"Those who have been vaccinated today will also get five-kilogram rice package," she said.

Mohammad Rifai (47), one of RW 03 residents admitted that he was greatly helped with this door-to-door vaccination which held at Lapangan Jagung. Not only was the location close to his house, the service was also running well thus he didn't have to wait too long.

"I have received second dose vaccination with Sinovac. It's really helped me, not only it is closed to my house, but the process is also easy and quick," he explained.