Digital Scales Awarded to 30 Outstanding Waste Banks in East Jakarta

Jumat, 24 September 2021 21:46 Nurito 161

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East Jakarta Environment (LH) Sub-agency gave digital scales with capacity 500 kilograms to 30 outstanding waste banks in the region.

Especially those who have succeeded in reducing non-organic waste

East Jakarta LH Sub-agency Head, Wahyudi Rudianto mentioned, it was given to outstanding waste bank administrators for their achievement in managing, sorting, and reducing waste from the source.

"We give 30 digital scales to outstanding waste banks. Especially those who have succeeded in reducing non-organic waste," he stated, Friday (9/24).

According to him, this reward is given to encourage waste bank administrators so that they can be more active in handling waste from the source, as well as to motivate others to follow their footsteps.

He added that his side had collaborated with PT. Danone and PT. Unilever to accommodate non-organic waste that had been sorted and collected by waste bank administrators.

Every month, he informed, PT. Danone purchases used mineral water bottles and cups collected by residents with price Rp 4,000/kg. Total used bottles and cups sold to the company reached around three tons per month that worth around Rp 16 million.

"Money from selling the used goods is returned to residents through waste bank account which transferred from waste bank in each RWs. Collaboration with these companies has been carried out since three years ago and will continue in the future," he said.