Second Dose Vaccination Activity at SMPN 275 Kebon Pala Serves 400 Residents

Kamis, 23 September 2021 19:52 Nurito 86

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Total 400 residents were targeted to receive second dose vaccination at SMPN 275 Kebon Pala, Makasar, East Jakarta, on Thursday (9/23).

Initial target is 200 people

Kebon Pala Urban Village Head, Faisal Rizal stated, second dose vaccination service is held from Tuesday (9/21) to Friday (9/24). It provides Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines.

"Initial target is 200 people. Since people seem high enthusiastic about this service, we increase the target to 400 people per day," he mentioned.

This vaccination service involved 10 health workers from urban village health center and 8 private clinics in Kebon Pala.

"Personnel from clinic take turns to serve residents every day," he added.

Furthermore, there were also 15 PPSU personnel, dasawisma, and RPTRA administrators who were deployed to input data and register the participants.

"Thank God the service runs well until today. People also seem enthusiastic to participate in the second dose vaccination," he conveyed.

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