Sapu Jagat Vaccination Service at GOR Ciracas Targets 1,000 People

Kamis, 23 September 2021 16:17 Nurito 80

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Sapu Jagat vaccination service which held through collaboration between Jakarta Government and Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI) and Indonesian Muslim Brotherhood Movement (GPMI) at Ciracas Sports Center (GOR), East Jakarta, on Thursday (9/23) targeted to vaccinate 1,000 residents.

Vaccination rate in East Jakarta almost touches 80 percent

This activity was opened by Jakarta Acting Assistant for Public Welfare (Plt), Uus Kuswanto who was accompanied by East Jakarta Deputy Mayor, Hendra Hidayat; Ciracas Sub-district Head, Mamad; Jakarta Council (DPRD) Commission A Member as well as DMI Expert Council, Purwanto; and other related officials.

Uus said, collaboration service was very important to accelerate vaccination program in order to achieve herd immunity and prevent COVID-19 transmission.

"I would like to thank those who have collaborated in this vaccination service," he mentioned.

Similar thing also stated by Jakarta DMI Expert who is also Jakarta Council Member, Purwanto. He hopes this collaboration service can increase vaccination rate in East Jakarta to 80 percent.

"Vaccination rate in East Jakarta almost touches 80 percent. We are targeting 1,000 people to be vaccinated today," he conveyed.

In this activity, his side prepared three types of vaccines, namely 100 AstraZeneca dose 2 vaccines, 400 Sinovac dose 2 vaccines, and 500 Moderna dose 1 vaccines.

Ciracas Sub-district Head, Mamad explained, this Sapu Jagat vaccination activity involved 25 health workers from Kramat Jati Police Hospital and Ciracas Sub-district Health Center. They were assisted by 15 PKK cadres and RPTRA adminstrators in registration and administration sections.

According to him, participants were not only Ciracas residents, but also residents from other regions. Even residents with non-Jakarta ID card, as long as they have domicile certificate from RT/RW.

"This activity is held at GOR Ciracas because the area is spacious and easy to reach. If it rains, you don't have to worry because the building is quite spacious," he explained.

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