Channel Normalization Work in Gang Udang Cempaka Baru has Reached 73.91 Percent

Kamis, 23 September 2021 13:20 Anita Karyati 98

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Ahead of rainy season, Central Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency accelerates its work to prevent inundation and flood. One of its work is normalizing water channel in Gang Udang, RT 01/08, Cempaka Baru Urban Village, Kemayoran Sub-district.

From target 694 meters, current progress has reached 513 meters or 73.91 percent

Central Jakarta SDA Sub-agency's Maintenance Section Supervisory Staff, Yusuf Sumardani stated, normalization work was done by installing u-ditch. This work had been carried out since June 2021 and is targeted to be completed by the end of October 2021. Normalization on this channel was requested by residents through Musrenbang because the area is often flooded when it rains heavily.

"From target 694 meters, current progress has reached 513 meters or 73.91 percent. We deploy 14 personnel and u-ditch installation is carried out manually," he informed, Thursday (9/23).

This normalization work was carried out by digging that 70-centimeter wide channel with 55-centimeter height. Every day, his side transported 5 cubic meters mud sedimentation. After that, his side installed 40x40x120 centimeters u-ditch.

"After installing u-ditch, we will close the channel to make it neat," he mentioned.

Cempaka baru Urban Vilalge Consultative Body (LMK) Member, Yuli Kusdianto conveyed, channel normalization was carried out to follow up proposal submitted in Musrenbang to be realized this year.

"Thank God, this normalization can finally be carried out, because the location is very low and when it rains, it often cause flood thus many residents complain. Even though it is only half way, the results can already be seen when it rained continuously yesterday," she said.