Culture Agency will Implement 3D Modelling on Cultural Heritage Buildings

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Jakarta Culture Agency will apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) method to all cultural heritage buildings in Jakarta. BIM method is carried out to preserve cultural heritage buildings by monitoring and controlling the building's important value assets through three-dimensional (3D) modeling.

The purpose of HBIM is to help us become a civilized society in preserving and monitoring our cultural heritage buildings through 3D model

Jakarta Culture Agency Head, Iwan Henry Wardhana conveyed, this building modelling method has been widely used recently in planning new buildings and asset management.

In the recent years, BIM method has been used in documentation of cultural heritage buildings known as Heritage Building Information Modeling (HBIM). Moreover, Government Regulation No. 16/2021 on Implementing Regulation of Law No. 28/2002 concerning Buildings has required the use of BIM in the implementation of technology-intensive and capital-intensive building construction.

"The purpose of HBIM is to help us become a civilized society in preserving and monitoring our cultural heritage buildings through 3D model. This model will contain architectural elements of cultural heritage buildings as well as other semantic information,"he added, Tuesday (9/21).

He said that Indonesia is a country that rich in cultural heritage for tourist attraction, including cultural heritage buildings. The existence of cultural heritage has an important meaning in terms of history, science, education, culture, and even religion.

"Over time, understanding the archives of cultural buildings becomes an important and inseparable part of adjusting to the development of science and technology," he added.

He assessed, COVID-19 pandemic is not slowing down information technology, this condition seems to force everyone to understand technology development faster, as well as in supporting protection of cultural objects and preservation of cultural heritage through HBIM method.

"Cultural building archives in Jakarta will be managed better, more complete from various aspects. Including geospatial aspects, such as geocoding and structural map that will also become our priority,"

Jakarta Culture Agency, he continued, also has the main task to protect, develop, and utilize cultural heritage that can be optimized by collecting data and documenting cultural heritage.

"Technically, three-dimensional scanning or 3D scanner on cultural heritage buildings can use media such as action cam and drone, or other documentation technologies that can produce digital photo formats," he stated.

The use of 3D scanner is an adaptation to preservation of cultural heritage in accordance with development of sophisticated digital technology. Thus data collection for documenting cultural heritage buildings is more effective and simple, no longer measuring existing building manually.

Therefore, he mentioned, it needs modern tools and advanced technology to make the process shorter with better level of accuracy, more accurate data, and can adjust for development in the next 5 to 10 years.

"Adaptation in the use of this technology is a necessity, thus the efforts to protect, develop, and utilize cultural heritage can be optimized by using this 3D scanner," he closed.

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