Anticipating COVID-19 Transmission, Kebayoran Baru Health Center Creates SIKAWAI Application

Senin, 20 September 2021 20:04 TP Moan Simanjuntak 86

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Anticipating COVID-19 transmission in employees, Kebayoran Baru Sub-district Health Center (Puskesmas), South Jakarta, created internal application called SIKAWAI also known as Employee Health Information System.

This is an early anticipatory step to avoid COVID-19 transmission

Kebayoran Baru Sub-district Health Center Head, Tresia Arthati said, the internal application which launched in May 2020 was created as a self-protection for employees amid of COVID-19 transmission.

"This is an early anticipatory step to avoid COVID-19 transmission thus employees can work in peace," she said, Monday (9/20).

Through this application, she continued, all health center employees' activities can be controlled. Started from leaving for work, working, to returning home from work.

Before entering office, employees must fill out the checklist in the application, start from their body temperature, transportation used to the office, last work unit, symptoms, and history of illness and others.

"The list of questions must be filled out honestly by employees," she asserted.

From the answers, there are points that automatically detect whether employee is at high or low risk of transmission or being exposed to COVID-19.

If there are employees with high risk category, she added, monitoring team will immediately contacted the related employees for swab test. Later they will be instructed to do self-isolation and so on.

"With this application, employees can feel safe while working without worrying about being exposed to COVID-19," she mentioned.