Kebayoran Baru Puskesmas Treats Stunting with BIMA SAKTI GALAXY Program

Minggu, 19 September 2021 21:38 TP Moan Simanjuntak 173

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To overcome the problem of stunting in children, the Kebayoran Baru Sub-district Puskesmas, South Jakarta has an innovation program called GALAKSI BIMA SAKTI or the Action Movement for Kebayoran Baru Nutritionists, Together We Prevent Stunting with Integrated Commitments.

This program is for handling stunting cases in Kebayoran Baru

Kebayoran Baru Sub-district Puskesmas Head, Tresia Arthati said, based on the 2018 data, the stunting rate in children in Kebayoran Baru area touched 17.7 percent, wasting or malnutrition was 5 percent and underweight was 9.4 percent. It was the background for the launch of the BIMA SAKTI GALAKSI program in 2019.

"This program is for handling stunting cases in Kebayoran Baru," he said, last weekend.

According to him, it was focused on activities to improve the scope of success of the weighing program, in order to prevent nutritional problems for children under five in the future.

He explained, it consisted of a SATELLITE class (a responsive movement team unit), a KOMET class (an information class for skilled cadres), a PLANET class (a center for training and parental knowledge), a BINTANG class (guidance and rehabilitation of children who do not scale) and a METEOR class (integrated and informative media).

The SATELLITE class is a routine meeting with cross-sectoral activities, namely urban village head, RW, LMK, RT, PKK and health cadres who discuss nutrition and health with the aim that BIMASAKTI activities can run well in the region.

The KOMET class is a routine meeting of health cadres in the region to improve the knowledge and skills of cadres to help overcome child nutrition problems.

The PLANET class targets parents of toddlers to increase their knowledge of increasing their child's weight.

The BINTANG class is an activity to assist parents whose toddlers have nutritional problems. It has three sessions for three months with the number of meetings in each session 10 consecutive days filled with health screening and anthropometry of toddlers, counseling about nutrition and health, cooking demonstrations, providing additional food, and monitoring the intake of toddlers every day.

Then the METEOR class is in the form of media for implementing BIMASAKTI activities including Nutrition Status Determination Discs, Snakes and Ladders Game, Match Cards, Toddler's Health Report Books, My Plate Fan.

"It was originally implemented in Petogogan. But, now, it has been replicated by Cipete Utara Urban Village Puskesmas, Gandaria Utara I Puskesmas, Gandaria Utara II Puskesmas, and Kramat Pela Puskesmas," he continued.

It has also been replicated by the community service team of the University of Indonesia's School of Public Health (FKM UI) in a bid to prevent and detect stunting in Bogor and Thousand Islands regencies.

"With BIMA SAKTI program, it is capable of improving the knowledge and skills of health cadres and parents of children under five on health information, and the number of stunting cases will decrease," he stated.