In Line with Citizen's Aspirations, Jakarta Government is Committed to Improve Air Quality in Jakarta

Sabtu, 18 September 2021 21:49 Anita Karyati 127

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Jakarta Government is committed to be responsible for improving air quality in capital city of Jakarta. This is in line with aspirations of citizens submitted by Capital City Coalition in lawsuit related to air quality.

We are agree with the plaintiff. We are responsible by taking action on things that are being sued

From 7 parties who are the defendants, only Jakarta Government that has carried out mediation process twice outside the trial with the defendants through their legal team. The first mediation was conducted on November 13, 2019 and the second was on November 17, 2019.

"We are agree with the plaintiff. We are responsible by taking action on things that are being sued. However, we also invite the public to take responsibility for controlling air quality," said Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release, Saturday (9/18).

Furthermore, he also said that controlling air quality is a joint effort. These efforts can be started from things that are close to everyday life.

"Such as checking the exhaust, emissions and avoid burning garbage in the open area. Then, use public transportation often, use vehicles that emit as few emission as possible, even if possible, please use vehicles that don't emit emissions, such as bicycle," he stated.

For information, the plaintiff asked for 14 things as a form of lawsuit to Jakarta Government regarding air quality. The lawsuits are to carry out emission tests and evaluate them periodically, tighten emission quality standards and impose sanctions for business and/or activities of immovable air pollutant sources (STB) operating in Jakarta, impose sanctions on the act of burning waste that is imposed immediately when violation of obligation is carried out, add air quality monitoring stations (SPKUs), formulate Strategy and Action Plan for Air Pollution Recovery, including moratorium on development plans that have potential to emit significant emissions, such as the Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF) development plan and development plan for 6 toll roads.  

From those lawsuits, an agreement has been reached on all matters. However, there are two things that have not yet reached an agreement between two parties, especially related to Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF) and 6 toll roads construction.

On the decision of Central Jakarta District Court which granted lawsuit on Thursday (9/16), Jakarta Government is committed not to file an appeal and is ready to implement the court's decision for better air quality. Because every citizen has the right to a healthy environment.