Anticipating Flood, East Jakarta Government Dredges 13 Reservoirs

Kamis, 16 September 2021 16:29 Nurito 93

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Anticipating inundation and flood during rainy season, East Jakarta Government dredged 13 reservoirs, 3 rivers and 2 connecting (phb) channels.

Other than 13 reservoirs, we also dredge 2 connecting (phb) channels

East Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency's Maintenance Section Head, Puryanto conveyed, 13 reservoirs that currently being dredged are Side C Reservoir (Cakung Sub-district), Ria Rio Reservoir and Bea Cukai Reservoir (Pulogadung), Wira Jasa Reservoir (Makasar), Pekayon Reservoir (Pasar Rebo), Kaja Reservoir (Ciracas), as well as Pondok Ranggon Reservoir, Mabes TNI Reservoir, Tiu Reservoir, Setu Reservoir, Munjul Reservoir, Cilangkap Reservoir, and Giri Kencana (Cipayung).


"Other than 13 reservoirs, we also dredge 2 connecting (phb) channels, namely IKIP and Tegal Amba phb channels," he added, Thursday (9/15).

Moreover, there are four dredging points in three big rivers, namely Cakung Royal River, Ciliwung River, where the points start from Kampung Melayu Bridge to Tong Tek Bridge on Jalan Jatinegara Barat.

Next is Cipinang River with dredging points in two locations, first is next to Kramat Jati Blue Bird Taxi Pool and second is next to SMAN 9 Kebon Pala Makasar.

Currently, his side deployed 50 heavy equipment with various types and sizes for dredging which distributed to 26 locations. Among them were for dredging 13 reservoirs, 2 phb channels, and 4 dredging points in 3 big rivers. Other heavy equipment had been deployed to 3 warehouses located in Rawa Bebek, Ujung Menteng, and Pondok Bambuto to assist in moving or transporting materials.

Besides, it also used to build crossing or artificial canals in Side C JGC Reservoir and channels in Lubang Buaya, Jl. Rambutan Pasar Rebo, and Jl. Sarbini of Makasar Sub-district.

In order to accelerate dredging work, his side also deployed 93 dump trucks to 10 sub-districts. Some of them were also used to assist dredging work carried out by SDA units in the field, including to transport dredged mud from reservoirs.