Artificial Canal Construction in Tiu Reservoir is Targeted to Be Completed This Month

Rabu, 15 September 2021 21:31 Nurito Maria Inggita 141

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Artificial canal (sodetan) construction work which is carried out in Tiu Reservoir, Setu Urban Village, Cipayung, East Jakarta since August 26, is targeted to be completed by the end of this month.

This outlet or artificial canal has many functions

East Jakarta Mayor, Muhammad Anwar conveyed, artificial canal is made to control water flow in Tiu Reservoir. This canal will be an outlet for water to flow from reservoir to Sunter River.

"This outlet or artificial canal has many functions. For example, water will flow from the outlet when reservoir is being drained. Besides, when it rains heavily in Jakarta, the floodgates will be closed, but during dry season, it will be opened again," he conveyed during visit to Tiu Reservoir, Wednesday (9/15).

In addition to making artificial channel, Tiu Reservoir is also being dredged with 3 long arm heavy equipment.

"Dredging is carried out in order to normalize the reservoir by optimizing its capacity," he stated.

East Jakarta SDA Sub-agency Head, Santo mentioned, artificial canal in Tiu Reservoir has length about 13 meters. It will be installed with 1.5x1.5 square meter-sized box culvert.

"The construction work has started since August 26 and is targeted to finish by the end of this month. Hopefully it can be functioned well in controlling water discharge in Tiu Reservoir," he closed.