Here are Five On Street Parking Areas that Have Been Integrated with Jakparkir Application

Kamis, 09 September 2021 15:58 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 171

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Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) has realized on street parking in five roads that have been integrated with Jakparkir application.

We socialize it to residents by installing banners and giving training for parking attendants

Jakarta Dishub's Parking Unit Head, Aji Kusambarto mentioned, three roads that were first integrated with Jakparkir application namely Jalan Denpasar Raya in South Jakarta, Jalan Boulevard Raya Kelapa Gading in North Jakarta, and Jalan Mangga Besar Raya in West Jakarta. While two additional roads that have just been integrated with Jakparkir are Jalan Veteran in Central Jakarta and Jalan Balai Pustaka in East Jakarta.

"Referring to Regional Strategic Activities, there must be at least one road section in every administrative cities," he conveyed, Thursday (9/9).

He explained that his side still carries out trials and socialization in those five on street parking locations. Besides, his side also currently improves features and data integration system in Jakparkir application, including location points, marking, and codifying numbers.

"We socialize it to residents by installing banners and giving training for parking attendants (jukir). System and services are ready, only system improvements. The application is based on GPS, thus pointing and marking must be clear. Since parking is parallel typology, so we make it parallel. Then, we mark it with codified number. Once you book the parking location, you can know the Suggested Retail Price (SRP)," he informed.

This application, he added, is integrated with Jakarta Dishub's Motor Vechile Testing (KIR) Unit, Jakarta Environment Agency, and Jakarta Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda). Thus vehicle users and officers from related agencies can get information about vehicle's KIR test validity period, emission test, and vehicle tax registered through the application.

Vehicles that have not carried out emission test and KIR test will get disincentives in form of highest parking payment in accordance with Jakarta Governor's Regulation (Pergub) No. 31/2017 on Parking Service Tariffs, Transaction Violation Fines and Vehicle Towing/Moving Fees.

"Jakparkir application not only makes it easier for vehicle users to find parking space but also increase their awareness to pay taxes and carry out KIR test and vehicle emission test. In order to register via application, you only need to input type of vehicles and vehicle registration plate," he said.

For information, Jakparkir is an application to order on street parking in Jakarta. Vehicle users can find parking location on the map, book parking space before arrival, and pay for parking non-cash.

Jakparkir users can get information about parking location, capacity, and book a parking space, including length of time users want to park their vehicles. With this application, users can also pay parking rates non-cash using dompetJak or QRIS.