North Jakarta Government is Committed to Support JIS Development

Rabu, 08 September 2021 23:24 Suparni 83

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North Jakarta Government is committed to support Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) or Stadion Kita development.

We really support JIS development until it is completed

It was conveyed by North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim when received work visit from directors of PT. Jakarta Propertindo and the ranks led by newly inaugurated President Director, Widi Amanasto.

According to him, JIS is a project that can make Jakartans proud and must be supported, cared, and maintained along with its use.

"Development stages have been well communicated. For use, it is not only for Persija but also for general public. We really support JIS development until it is completed thus residents can feel the benefits as soon as possible," he said after an audience at North Jakarta Mayor's Office, Wednesday (9/8).

In the other hand, PT. Jakpro President Director, Widi Amanasto mentioned, JIS construction progress so far has reached 69 percent.

"Overall, it is targeted to finish 100 percent and ready to be inaugurated in March 2022," he asserted.

As form of PT. Jakpro's commitment to local residents around the stadium, his side planned to empower local residents by building MSME complex and recruit them to work at stadium.

"Later on, residents can also access the upper part for jogging track while enjoying culinary and shops around the stadium which we are currently working on," he stated.