Kesatriaan Reservoir Normalization is Being Conducted

Selasa, 07 September 2021 20:03 Suparni Maria Inggita 237

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Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Agency collaborates with Environment (LH) Agency's Water Body Cleanliness Unit to normalize Kesatriaan Reservoir on Jalan Kesatriaan, RT 01/07, Cilincing Urban Village, Cilincing, North Jakarta.

We deploy 14 personnel with two work shifts

Cilincing Sub-district SDA Unit Head, Tjahyono Budi Setiawan conveyed, normalization work begins with cleaning water hyacinth and garbage from the reservoir.

"The work started since June. So far, water hyacinth have been successfully transported by 300 trucks, as well as garbage and mud sedimentation," he said, Tuesday (9/7).

This reservoir has an area of 3.8 hectares with depth about 20 meters. SDA Agency deployed 2 heavy equipment and LH Agency's Water Body Unit deployed 1 heavy equipment.

"We deploy 14 personnel with two work shifts. Currently, personnel also strengthen reservoir edge structure to reduce potential for landslides," he stated.

Not only to control flood, this reservoir will be also equipped with facilities thus it can be used as green open space for residents to carry out various outdoor activities.

"Later on, residents can use reservoir area to exercise because it is equipped with jogging track," he mentioned.