Vaccination Service in Pancoran Targets 620 Residents

Senin, 06 September 2021 18:07 TP Moan Simanjuntak 86

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Vaccination service held by Jakarta Government and Nasdem Party at National Defence Academy (ABN), Pancoran Urban Village, Pancoran, South Jakarta on Monday (9/6) targeted to vaccinate 620 people.

So far, vaccination rate in South Jakarta hasn't reached 65 percent

South Jakarta Acting Mayor (Plt), Isnawa Adji conveyed, this collaborative work with Nasdem Party was one of government's efforts to accelerate vaccination rate in South Jakarta. Until now, he informed, vaccination rate in South Jakarta is not yet reached 65 percent and categorized as yellow zone.

"So far, vaccination rate in South Jakarta hasn't reached 65 percent. Therefore we will optimize vaccination activity until it touches 80 percent in order to enter green zone," he said when monitoring vaccination service at ABN Pancoran.

In this service, Pancoran Sub-district prepared quota 120 first dose of Pfizer vaccines and 500 second dose of Sinovac vaccines.

"Residents who want to take first dose of Pfizer vaccine can register through JaKi application and must have Jakarta ID cards. While second dose of Sinovac vaccine is for residents with Jakarta and non-Jakarta ID cards," he explained.

Jakarta Nasdem Rescue Board Head, Griselda mentioned, this vaccination service was carried out on September 6-26 by involving around 37 health workers for registration, administration, and as vaccinators.

"This activity is held on Monday to Friday," she conveyed.