Commission E Legislators Monitor Limited PTM in Two Schools in North Jakarta

Rabu, 01 September 2021 23:00 Suparni Maria Inggita 161

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Jakarta Council (DPRD) Commission E Legislators, Johnny Simanjuntak and Oman Rohman Rakinda monitored limited face-to-face learning (PTM) implementation at SDN Tanjung Priok 01 and SMA 92 North Jakarta.

I see students are very enthusiastic about this face-to-face learning

Jakarta DPRD Commission E Member, Johnny Simanjuntak gave his appreciation to parents and teachers who supported limited PTM implementation.

Based on monitoring on limited PTM carried out within these two days, he assessed that both schools, teachers, parents, and students had prepared the limited PTM well, from preparing the facilities and implementing health protocols.

"I see students are very enthusiastic about this face-to-face learning. Hopefully it can be improved further with precautionary principle, especially in monitoring students after studying thus they don't gather with their friends," he said, Wednesday (9/1).

SDN Tanjung Priok 01 Principal, Prapto Wiyono conveyed, today limited PTM was carried out for grade 2 and grade 5 with total 54 students divided into four classes. The class started from 07:00 until 09:15.

"The most important thing in participating limited PTM is permission from parents. We also ask parents to participate in monitoring their children after school thus they remain disciplined in complying with health protocols," he stated.

Meanwhile, North Jakarta Education Sub-agency Region 1 Head, Sri Rahayu Asih Subekti conveyed, 15 of total 26 schools in Pademangan, Penjaringan, and Tanjung Priok Sub-districts have held limited PTM. While the rest will carry out PTM in October because of school renovation.

"They are very well prepared in terms of programs and learning materials, including curriculum and network. Hopefully children can learn new things, new enthusiasm, and new spirit thus it can improve their immunity," he mentioned.