People Show Enthusiasm for Pfizer Vaccines

Selasa, 24 Agustus 2021 19:43 Suparni Maria Inggita 192

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Jakarta Government through Health Agency has started using Pfizer vaccines for general public with several requirements in 16 locations.

The best vaccine is vaccine that can be accessed easily and quickly before being exposed to COVID-19

According to monitoring, hundreds people seemed enthusiastic in welcoming the use of Pfizer vaccines. Hundred residents came to one of vaccination locations that provided Pfizer vaccines with orderly manner at Judo Building, Jalan Kelapa Puan, RW 13, Kelapa Gading Timur, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

One of the participants, Valentina (24), resident who live on Jalan Duri Baru, Jembatan Besi Urban Village, Tambora, West Jakarta admitted that she received information about Pfizer vaccination from social media. She and the other three family members have been registered for vaccination via JAKI but didn't pass the screening because of illness.

"I deliberately look for Pfizer vaccine because it has good quality and the effect is not too significant," she said, Tuesday (8/24).

Meanwhile, Kelapa Gading Sub-district Health Center Head, Diah Anggraini mentioned, COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine was very popular among residents. It could be seen from many people who registered through JAKI or Go Show (directly came to the vaccination location).

"Today's quota 300 people via JAKI and 100 people via Go Show have been booked since 9 AM," she stated, Tuesday (8/24).

According to her, all Jakarta residents can register via JAKI or come directly to the vaccination location by bringing their ID card and medical statement for those who have comorbidity or autoimmune disease.

"We prepare 15 medical teams at Kelapa Gading Health Center to cooperate with other parties from TNI, Police, and administrative staffs from RPTRA administrators, PPSU, and North Jakarta COVID-19 Task Force until vaccination is done according to vaccines stock," she explained.

Due to high people's enthusiasm for Pfizer vaccine, her side appealed residents not to be picky about vaccines and get vaccination immediately at the nearest vaccination site.

"The best vaccine is vaccine that can be accessed easily and quickly before being exposed to COVID-19," she asserted.