PT. Transjakarta Wins Main Award for Best Innovation Category at IDX Channel

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 PT. Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta) won the main award at IDX Channel Anugerah Inovasi Indonesia (ICAII).

TIJE App makes it easier for people who want to use Transjakarta services

In the event with theme 'Accelerating Economic Recovery in Pandemic', PT. Transjakarta won the main award for Product and Business Model category for TIJE App as an integrated customer service and business platform.

PT. Transjakarta President Director, Sardjono Jhony Tjitrokusumo expressed his gratitude for the award that had been given.

"It is not separated from Jakarta Government's efforts to always give support for every innovation that Transjakarta has made to date, including TIJE App that have been enjoyed by the community since the end of 2020," he stated, Monday (8/23).

According to him, TIJE App is the heart of business platform and digital customer service which is presented as one of the best solutions in the midst of pandemic that makes all activities very limited.

"TIJE App makes it easier for people who want to use Transjakarta services, both in making payments, ordering tickets, or seeing position and arrival time of the bus in real time, thus all payments are cashless, which is expected to minimize COVID-19 transmission," he explained.

TIJE App is one of the innovations and forms of transformation that company continues to promote. In the future, Transjakarta is preparing other innovations intended for people's convenience in terms of transportation, one of which is by implementing Face Recognition system as an access to enter bus stop gate.

"This innovation is carried out not only to make it easier for customer, as well as the proof that Transjakarta is consistent in providing best service and striving to keep up with the latest technological developments, including in transportation sector.

"Hopefully this appreciation will encourage Transjakarta to continue to develop and adapt in the use of technology in all lines of business and public services simultaneously. We hope it can make us to be competitive and optimize our contribution to the society and the nation," he asserted.

For information, TIJE App is a digital platform which launched in October 2020 by presenting initial features, such as Ticket Transfer, Digital QR Ticketing, Smart Assistance, Estimation of bus arrival in real time.

When it was launched, speed of ticket transfer process reached maximum 5 minutes with adequate internet capacity and tap-in speed which was recorded only 2-3 minutes.

Meanwhile, application is being developed by launching six additional features that are no less sophisticated, namely a homepage with more simple and attractive design, Tjari Bus, Tjari Route, Route information, Bus Stop information and Loyalti-je. Besides, payment process is getting easier with digital payment using e-wallet from LinkAja and AstraPay.

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