TP PKK Calls on Residents to Be Food Warriors During Pandemic

Jumat, 20 Agustus 2021 22:35 TP Moan Simanjuntak Nugroho Adibrata 393

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Jakarta Family Welfare Movement Mobilization Team (TP PKK) encourages the community to become food warriors during the Covid-19 pandemic by carrying out urban farming activities, planting various vegetables and fruits.

This is not only about to meet food needs, but also preserve the environment

According to Fery Farhati, Chairperson of Jakarta TP PKK, planting activities from seed to harvest requires patience, discipline and skill. Aside that, it could lead us to learn many things such as appreciating food products thus it was not wasted.

"Thus far, we only buy food until we don't appreciate it. But with a gardening class, we know the planting process is not easy, so we will take care and respect those who plant for us," she stated, via zoom meeting, opening simultaneous harvest activities, Friday (8/20).

She urged PKK cadres to maintain and care for whatever was planted for maximal results.

"This is not only about to meet food needs, but also preserve the environment, reduce the impact of climate change, reduce food waste and at the same time educate the young generation and our children, she asserted.

TP PKK's Family Resilience Strengthening Division Head, Komariah Marullah Matali explained, the activity with the theme 'Together Becoming Food Warriors During Pandemic Period' was the result of collaboration between the Jakarta TP PKK with the KPKP Agency, the Environment (LH) Agency and the Communication, Informatic and Statistic (Kominfotik) Agency.

It was attended by 2,000 people who live in 200 locations in Jakarta. Of this number, 500 took part in the zoom meeting.

They were from gardening class participants, farmer groups, urban farming activists, sustainable food yards (P2L), environmentalists who are members of the proklim and PKK cadres who have attended training since two months ago.

"We are here to grow and raise the spirit of urban farming actors, the community and so forth through positive activities. One of them is by planting," she said.