As Dukcapil Head, Budi Awaludin Committed to Provide Fast and Safe Service

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Budi Awaludin taken his oath to serve the capital as Agency Head of Jakarta Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) in the inauguration of 13 high officials held at at the Jakarta City Hall, on Friday (8/20).

We are committed to giving our best for the community regarding the administration needed from birth to death

He disclosed, the agency was about to give the best service for Jakartans quickly, easily and free of illegal levies (pungli).

"We are committed to giving our best for the community regarding the administration needed from birth to death," he expressed.

He claimed not to get complacent, despite the services provided has been going well. His agency would intensify it and complete all programs that were targeted and set out in the mid-term regional development plan (RPJMD), 23 Governor's promises, and regional strategic activities (KSD).

According to him, the agency was committed to support the success of the vaccination movement in the capital by opening a citizenship identification number (NIK) issuance service in every urban village.

The service itself aims to provide convenience and be a solution for residents who have not received Covid-19 vaccination services, because of problems with NIK ownership.

"The closest program is to support the provision of vaccines, especially for vulnerable populations who do not yet have a NIK. So, we call those who have no NIK to come to the nearest urban village office. InsyaAllah, they would have it in three days," he explained.

He added, information technology-based public services also continue to roll out and be developed thus people can get fast, safe and comfortable services such as Alpukat Betawi,,, and via WhatsApp or Telegram Chat.

"During the pandemic, services through applications and online are the best solution for the community in getting the best service from the agency. As long as the requirements are complete, the management doesn't take an hour to complete," he stated.