Jakarta Starts to Give Moderna Vaccines for People with Autoimmune

Jumat, 20 Agustus 2021 20:33 Yudha Peta Ogara Maria Inggita 607

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Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan reviewed declaration of COVID-19 vaccination using Moderna vaccines for immunocompromised people, including people with autoimmune and comorbidity, at Pola Room, Jakarta City Hall, Friday (8/20). On this occasion, he expressed his hope that all Jakarta residents would be vaccinated as soon as possible, including immunocompromised people.

Today we start it by giving Moderna vaccines for immunocompromised people

"We in Jakarta want all residents to be protected as soon as possible, and today we start it by giving Moderna vaccines for immunocompromised people. Not only people who have autoimmune are categorized in that group, but also those who receive prolonged treatment that lowers their immune system," he explained, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

"Starting today, it will be held at Jakarta City Hall, and later we will facilitate it thus more (people with autoimmune and comorbidity) can have the vaccines. Please register from the link, so you can have the schedule for vaccination, including those who attend in here since they have waited for a long time and there are also foundations related to lupus," he added.

Moderna vaccine was chosen to be given to people with complex immunity, he assessed, because Moderna vaccine is a messenger RNA (mRNA)-based vaccine. Compared to traditional vaccines that containing attenuated viruses, mRNA vaccines are known to have high level of efficacy, especially for severe disease.

"Moderna clinical trial shows that the vaccine can be very beneficial for people who have severe comorbidity, lung disease, obesity, diabetes, liver, and HIV infection, as well as those with autoimmune. It is not only because of Moderna brand, but this type of mRNA method was later found to be safe and effective for people with impaired immunity, one of them is Moderna brand," he mentioned.

On the other hand, Jakarta Health Agency Head, Widyastuti stated, there are 200,000 Moderna vaccines provided for Jakarta residents, which are prioritized for immunocompromised people.

"As many as 200,060 vaccines will be allocated for residents in Jakarta by prioritizing immunocompromised people, but we don't rule out the possibility of other things related to health status. So, there will be 35 health facilities in Jakarta that will provide the service," she informed.

One of Moderna vaccine's recipients, Gabriella mentioned the ease of registering vaccination for autoimmune group in Jakarta. According to her, effective vaccination is very important for autoimmune group. Especially in Jakarta because vaccination certificates will be used as requirement to do activities outside.

"I know from leaflets sent from friends that autoimmune survivors can register from the link. After consulting with doctor and getting approval, I signed up for vaccination and passed health screening, so I decided to get vaccinated," she conveyed.

"I hope people who have autoimmune or comorbidity to check to doctor first whether they can be vaccinated or not through consultation, then get an approval. If the doctor gives an okay, then you must be vaccinated. Because without vaccination, we can't go anywhere, especially in Jakarta because it requires vaccination certificate when we take public transportation, enter shopping center, and so on," she said.

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