Grogol River Under Tanjung Duren Toll is Being Dredged

Monday, August 9th 2021 Reporter: Wuri Setyaningsih Translator: Maria Inggita 816

Kali Grogol Titik Kolong Tol Tanjung Duren Dikeruk

(Foto: Wuri Setyaningsih)

West Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency dredged mud from Grogol River which located under Tanjung Duren Toll.

It has been started on Saturday (8/7) and is targeted to be completed next week

West Jakarta SDA Sub-agency's Drainage Maintenance Section Head, Wawan Kurniawan said, his side deployed 90 personnel from Grogol Petamburan SDA Unit, Palmerah SDA Unit, and West Jakarta SDA Sub-agency for this mud dredging work.

"It has been started on Saturday (8/7) and is targeted to be completed next week. We use manual equipment to dredge the mud," he explained, Monday (8/9).

According to him, the Gerebek Lumpur (Mud Dredging) program is carried out to follow-up survey which carried out by his sub-agency some time ago where mud thickness in the area reached one meter.

"We hope this dredging work can optimize river's capacity thus it can prevent or minimize inundation in the surrounding area," he mentioned.

After completing dredging work under Tanjung Duren Toll, his side will continue to dredge mud from the south to north side of Grogol River.

"It is one of our efforts to control flood, especially in Palmerah. We clean it as much as possible thus water can flow well, especially in rainy season," he stated.

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