FPSA Development Makes Efforts to Reduce Waste at Bantargebang

Minggu, 08 Agustus 2021 18:59 Wuri Setyaningsih Nugroho Adibrata 462

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

Development plan for the Antara Waste Management Facility (FPSA) in Tebet Park, South Jakarta is one of the Jakarta Environment (LH) Agency's efforts to reduce the quantity of waste at the Bantargebang Landfill, Bekasi, West Java.

It will be built with eco-friendly technology and emphasize best practices in its operation and maintenance

Jakarta LH Agency Acting Head, Syaripudin said, based on the data last July 2019, high-waste had reached 43 to 48.51 meters from the maximum limit of 50 meters.

"We're going to build the FSPA soon, as the waste's high will touch maximum capacity. That's why we are going to build the FSPA in the near future," he expressed, Sunday (8/8).

It was stated to respond to the Jakarta Forum for the Environment (Walhi)'s statement, which rejected the development plan.

FPSA development is a step to reduce waste from the source by implementing Governor's Regulation number 77/2020 on Waste Management in the Scope of Community Pillars.

It also refers to the Bylaw number 4/2019 on Amendment to Bylaw number 3/2013 on Waste Management.

"We also quote from the Public Works Minister's Regulation number 3/2013 on the Implementation of Waste Infrastructure and Facilities in the Handling of Household Waste and Types of Household Waste," he concluded.

He went on to say that the development plus its facilities had been carefully thought out and even adapted to the composition and characteristics of the waste in Tebet Sub-district.

It would be equipped with a recycling center, biodigester, pyrolysis, BSF Maggot, incinerator, processing FABA into building materials, environmental education (civil education center), public interaction space (playground), food center (canteen), sports facilities, urban farming, IPAL and open-air theatre.

"It is also integrated with the Tebet Park revitalization activity, which is currently underway. The park green concept will also be implemented in the planned Tebet FPSA," he explained.

According to him, the incinerator technology planned at the Tebet FPSA already has a registration certificate for the Domestic Hydro Drive System Eco-friendly Technology in 2021, and air quality testing has been carried out at a KAN-certified lab with test results below the quality standards required by the Environment and Forestry Minister's Regulation number P.70/Menlhk/Setjen/Kum.1/8/2016 on Quality Standards for Business Emissions and/or Thermal Waste Processing Activities.

"Principally, it will be built with eco-friendly technology and emphasize best practices in its operation and maintenance, thus the emissions produced are below the required quality standards and do not interfere with public health and safety," he asserted.

The agency was also going to ensure that the Tebet Park FPSA meets the required environmental standards, by conducting regular monitoring and supervision. Besides requiring managers to install the Continues Emission Monitoring System (CEMS).

"We have been socializing it since last April. Criticisms, suggestions and input from environmental activists will be taken into consideration," he stated.