After Vaccination, Hundreds KJP Holders Receive Social Assistance from CSR

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2021 22:37 Nurito 116

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Hundreds students who have Jakarta Smart Cards (KJP) and vaccinated at Balai Pustaka Building, Palmeriam, Matraman, East Jakarta, received staple food packages and cash compensation from CSR on Thursday (8/5).

Vaccination quota at Balai Pustaka Building reaches 350 people a day

Matraman Sub-district Head, Andriansyah conveyed, today's vaccination was focused on students from various schools, ranging from elementary, junior high, to high/vocational schools in Matraman Sub-district. Especially for students from underprivileged families and have KJP, they received staple food packages containing of rice, milk, cooking oil, and instant noodles as well as compensation money.

According to him, this assistance was given by several CSRs that collaborated in vaccination service carried out at Balai Pustaka Building. This vaccination service was held from August 2 to 6, 2021.

"Vaccination quota at Balai Pustaka Building reaches 350 people a day," he said.

Palmeriam Urban Village Economy and Development Section Head, Faqieh Insani stated, social assistance provided by those collaborators was very beneficial for students from underprivileged families.

"We would like to thank the donors who have taken their roles and responsibilities in the midst of crisis," he mentioned.

Mohammad Farid Firdaus (13), student of SDN Utan Kayu Selatan 14 admitted that he was very happy to be vaccinated and received staple food assistance and money.

"I will give this assistance to my parents. I am so happy to be vaccinated today," he expressed.

For today's vaccination participants were from SDN Utan Kayu Utara (UKU) 01, UKU 23, SDN Al Barra UKU, SDN Utan Kayu Selatan (UKS) 19, UKS 23, UKS 27, UKS 11, UKS 14, SD Perguruan Rakyat UKS.

Next, SMK Bina Pangudi Luhur (BPL), SMK Tirtasari Surya, SMK Muhammadiyah 6, SMK Cipya Karya, SMK Pancasila, SMP Bhakti Nusantara, and SMK Satya Bakti.