North Jakarta Receive Assistance from Used Cooking Oil Alms Program

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2021 21:37 Suparni 103

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North Jakarta Government received assistance from North Jakarta PKK and RPTRA Tersenyum's  Used Cooking Oil Alms Distribution Program for #HadapiCOVID-19 movement. This assistance was delivered in form of food packages for residents who are undergoing self-isolation, personal protective equipment (PPE), masks, and hand sanitizers.

Hopefully it can be useful for health workers and residents who are undergoing self-isolation

North Jakarta Mayor, Ali Maulana Hakim mentioned, the assistance was from Used Cooking Oil ATMs in every urban villages, sub-districts, mayor office, and RPTRAs managed by TP PKK and collaboration with Kutub Social House to the residents in needs.

"Hopefully it can be useful for health workers and residents who are undergoing self-isolation thus they don't need worry about meeting their daily needs," he said after receiving assistance at North Jakarta Mayor Office, Thursday (8/5).

He appreciated TP PKK and Kutub Social House for utilizing the alms from North Jakarta residents by selling used cooking oil to help residents in need, such as providing food for personnel at Rorotan Public Cemetery (TPU), health workers, fire victims, and residents exposed to COVID-19.

"I encourage ASN and North Jakarta residents to be the pioneers of used cooking oil alms program since it has real positive impacts on environment and others," he asserted.

Kutub Social House Director, Suhito conveyed, the used cooking oil alms program from North Jakarta residents in 6 thousand Used Cooking Oil ATMs had collected about 4 thousand liters or 4 tons of used cooking oil every months since March 2021.

"Today, we distribute 60 staple food packages consisting of rice, sugar, cooking oil. As well as 4 boxes of PPE and 6 boxes of masks and hand sanitizers," he explained.