Psychological Support is Provided for Health Workers and Supporting Personnel

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Jakarta Health Agency collaborated with Jakarta Clinical Psychologists Association (IPK) to provide psychological support for health workers and supporting personnel in health care facilities (fasyankes).

Psychological support for health workers and supporting personnel was carried out online

This assistance is provided to minimize psychological impacts that may arise and maintain mental toughness of health workers in carrying out their duties to serve COVID-19 patients.


Jakarta Health Agency's Non-Communicable Diseases, Mental Health, Drugs Section Head, Endang conveyed, psychological support for health workers and supporting personnel was carried out online.

Participants required to register first via link Then, participants would be assessed and categorized based on their psychological conditions, then scheduled to take group therapy.  


"Initially, participants will be contacted by Jakarta IPK. Each group consists of five to six participants who will be accompanied by one or two psychologists," she explained, Thursday (8/5).

From the results of group therapy, participants will be assessed whether they need further treatment or not. If they need it, they will be given individual telecounseling for once.

"If referral is needed, then they will be referred to service facility to get assistance according to their conditions and needs," she said.

According to her, 123 health workers have registered themselves for this service since last week and 25 of them have undergone group therapy stage. Currently, psychologists who provides assistance are the Core Management of Clinical Psychologists Association (IPK) who work in various institutions including health centers and later it will involve all IPK members.


"Currently, 23 clinical psychologists at health centers who are also members of Jakarta IPK," she added.

Her side had also made prevention and control efforts in mental health sector through mentoring session for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (DKJPS) both for health workers and supporting personnel, as well as communities affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

This assistance was carried out with professional organizations in mental health sector such as Indonesian Mental Medicine Specialists Association (PDSKJI), Indonesian Mental Health Nurses Association (IPKJI), Jakarta Clinical Psychologists Association (IPK), and Indonesian Psychologists Association (HIMPSI).

"One of psychological support activities is mental health webinars delivered by experts in mental health field, such as psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, mental health specialists nurses and motivators," she closed.