2,500 Fostered Traders in Central Jakarta Have Been Vaccinated

Rabu, 04 Agustus 2021 21:15 Folmer 291

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

As many as 2,500 of total 4,000 fostered traders under Central Jakarta Industry, Trade, Cooperative, and Small Medium Enterprises (PPKUKM) Sub-agency had been injected with vaccine against COVID-19.

1,500 other fostered traders were still waiting to be vaccinated

Central Jakarta PPKUKM Sub-agency Head, Melinda Sagala conveyed, 2,500 fostered traders who had been vaccinated now opened their business in 65 temporary locations (Loksem) and 4 fostered traders in fostered location (Lokbin) throughout 8 sub-districts.

According to her, 1,500 other fostered traders were still waiting to be vaccinated.

"Other traders who haven't been vaccinated are those who have just recovered after being exposed, are still in their hometowns and waiting to be scheduled for vaccination," she informed, Wednesday (8/4).

She is optimistic most of the fostered traders will be vaccinated according to target. Thus herd immunity can be achieved.

"Fostered traders must be vaccinated thus they are not seriously affected by exposure to COVID-19," she mentioned.