350 People Vaccinated at Balai Pustaka Matraman Building

Selasa, 03 Agustus 2021 21:38 Nurito 119

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

Total 350 residents have been vaccinated at Balai Pustaka Building, Jl. Bunga, Palmeriam, Matraman, East Jakarta. This vaccination program was carried out through collaboration between local sub-district and collaborators.

We increase quota for students

Matraman Sub-district Head, Andriansyah mentioned, this service is held on August 3-16, 2021. If there is high demand, his side will extend the service until end of August.

"We are targeting 350 people a day," he conveyed, Tuesday (8/3).

According to him, vaccination service at Balai Pustaka Building was dominated by students aged 12 years and over. The comparison is 80 percent of students and 20 percent of general public.

"Vaccination service at Balai Pustaka Building is dominated by students. Because from total 9,000 students in Matraman Sub-district, there are more than 2,000 students who have been vaccinated. There are still 7,000 students who haven't been vaccinated. That is why we increase quota for students," he stated.

Currently, there are 11 vaccination service locations in the region. Those are SMAN 31, SDN Pisangan Baru 01, RSUD Matraman, Jakarta Heart Centre Hospital, Pisangan Baru Family Clinic, Radjak Clinic.

Next, Polkes Kasdam Jaya Clinic at Komplek Berland, SMAN 22, SMPN 7, Gramedia Bookstore, and PT. Balai Pustaka.

Palmeriam Urban Vilage Economy and Development Section Head, Faqieh Insani said, vaccination at Balai Pustaka was held through collaboration between Jakarta Government and PT. Balai Pustaka, PT. Pertamina Drilling Services Indonesia (PDSI), Semen Indonesia Group, and Farma Lab.

"Vaccination service at Balai Pustaka is carried out every day, including Saturday and Sunday in order to optimize vaccination realization," he informed.

It involved 5 health workers and 4 administrative staffs from Farma Lab and St. Carolus Hospital in this vaccination activity.

Moreover, it also involved 15 joint personnel from Satpol PP, urban village civil apparatuses, PPSU, FKDM, RT/RW administrators, TP PKK, dasawisma, jumantik, and Posyandu cadres to optimize the service.

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