Vaccination Center at MRT Block A Station Serves 1,864 Residents

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First dose vaccination in batch 4 for general public which was held by PT. MRT Jakarta on July 29-31, 2021 at MRT Block A Station was attended by 1,864 people.

People become more enthusiastic about vaccinating

PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) Corporate Secretary Division Acting Head (Plt), Ahmad Pratomo mentioned, public awareness on the importance of vaccination has increased and it needs to be appreciated.

"People become more enthusiastic about vaccinating, this can be seen from number of people participating in vaccination, which exceeds our quota of 1,800 doses. However, we can still serve all of them with spare vaccine stock," he conveyed, Monday (8/2).

According to him, PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) has implemented vaccination program for employees, partners, and general public since March 2021. Until today, 7,225 people have participated in vaccination activities which held with strict health protocols.

"This free vaccination program will continue to be held in the future. We are targeting 20 thousand people in this vaccination program to support acceleration of achieving herd immunity thus soon we can return to our normal activities," he said.

He explained, this free vaccination activity was a part of collaboration program called 'Sinergi untuk Jakarta' (Synergy for Jakarta) which was initiated by PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) to support government in handling COVID-19 in Indonesia.

PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) opens the widest opportunity for all parties who want to be involved and contribute through Synergy for Jakarta collaboration program to accelerate COVID-19 handling, especially in Jakarta.

"In addition to vaccination activity, this collaboration also provides aid in form of drugs and oxygen cylinders, as well as providing food packages for residents in need," he stated.