Ariza Supports Health Education During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sabtu, 31 Juli 2021 20:26 Yudha Peta Ogara Maria Inggita 212

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Jakarta Vice Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria (Ariza) fully supports all forms of health education and socialization activities during COVID-19 pandemic.

It not only aims to increase our resilience and knowledge in dealing with this pandemic, but also to ward off hoaxes

Those activities, he assessed, are very important and relevant to the current situation, considering that during the pandemic, people really need intensive health education and socialization, such as education about health protocol implementation in daily life.

It was conveyed when he attended Jakarta BKOW Webinar on Saturday (7/31) morning. This webinar was also attended by Jakarta BKOW Chairperson, Ellisa Sumarlin and his subordinates; Jakarta Government officials; related SKPDs and Agencies; as well as experts in related fields who participated as the speakers.

"I appreciate the holding of BKOW Cares for Health Webinar in form of health education and socialization in this COVID-19 pandemic era. It not only aims to increase our resilience and knowledge in dealing with this pandemic, but also to ward off hoaxes which often cause various policies that have been set to not run as smoothly as they should," he conveyed when giving his remarks at the online webinar from his official residence in South Jakarta, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

He explained that health education and socialization played an important role in handling COVID-19 pandemic. Considering pandemic is an event that has never been experienced before, at least in the last 100 years. Therefore, all levels of society, especially in Jakarta, really need a lot of education from health experts and epidemiologists. Thus bad effects of this pandemic can be minimized.

"During the pandemic, consiously or not, we actually have received various health education from experts, such as 3M implementation, how to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission in the community by using masks, washing hands, and maintaining safe distance. Now, it develops into 5M by adding appeal to avoid crowds and limit mobilization,"he mentioned.

Besides, he added, currently people are not only facing the pandemic, but also infodemic, namely false information or hoaxes that are widely scattered during COVID-19 pandemic. Infodemic that we are currently facing is related to false information which not supports nation's collaborative work against the pandemic, especially in Jakarta.  

"Health socialization about how to prevent COVID-19 transmission and handle COVID-19 bodies are very important to be given at this seminar to the community. Even with limitation, it must still be carried out, for example is by taking technological advances, such as online discussion or creativity in social media," he asserted.

At the end of his speech, he again reminded the importance of implementing health protocol in a disciplined manner every day.

He hopes organizations and communities in Jakarta can do various positive activities and collaborate in controlling the pandemic by educating and socializing people about health protocol and government policies related to COVID-19 pandemic.

"I hope organizations and (other organizations) under BKOW can continue to promote disemination of valid and positive information on government policies in breaking the chain of COVID-19 spread. Keep moving with all of your potentials. May we all always be given a strength and health to face this situation. Hopefully the pandemic will end soon thus we can work as usual. Amen," he closed.

Meanwhile, Jakarta BKOW Chairperson, Ellisa Sumarlin said, both government and community must not be idle during COVID-19 pandemic. But all should do something based on their competencies, collaborate with government and other elements of society. Overcoming COVID-19 pandemic requires awareness, cohesiveness and responsibility from all parties, both community and government.

"COVID-19 is still going on without us knowing exactly when the pandemic will end. Not to mention if we talk about its impact, from social, economy, and environmental point of view. There will be a lot of homework to do. No matter how sophisticated the regulations made by government, if they are not followed by awareness, cohesiveness and discipline from the community in implementing health protocol, then it will take a longer time to end this pandemic," she expressed.

Therefore, she continued, Jakarta BKOW also held various activities to assist in handling COVID-19 pandemic. One of them is through health education and socialization activities, as well as vaccination for BKOW organization members and the community.

"Let's get vaccinated! God willing, with vaccine, we can contribute to stop COVID-19 spread. Hopefully in this pandemic, we will always be enthusiastic and have positive mind in carrying out various activities. Of course, by staying disciplined according to health procedures," she stated.