Jakarta's Latest Official COVID-19 Figures as of July 30

Jumat, 30 Juli 2021 01:06 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 176

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The Jakarta COVID-19 Quick Handling Task Force announces the latest information of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases as of July 30.

The number of people tested last week has reached 183,486

Jakarta Health Agency's Disease Prevention and Control Division Head Dwi Oktavia Tatri Lestari stated, based on the latest data, the swab tests had been carried out on 30,372 specimens. 23,082 of them were to diagnose new cases with 3,454 positive and 19,628 negative results. In addition, an antigen test was also held today, where 10,068 were tested, with 487 positive results and 9,581 negative results.

She furthered the WHO test target is 1,000 people tested by PCR per million populations per week (not specimens), meaning that the WHO target for Jakarta is a minimum of 10,645 people tested per week. "This target has been surpassed by Jakarta for some time. The number of people tested last week has reached 183,486, while 499,317 people have undergone the swab tests," she explained, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

As for the number of active cases in Jakarta, date is 19,654 people who are undergoing self-isolation at home (including data of athlete's homestead) or decreased to 7,812 cases. While the total number of confirmation cases in Jakarta to date was 811,326 cases.

Of these cases, 779,720 people were cured with a cure rate of 96.1% and 11,952 people died with a world with a death rate of 1.5%, while Indonesia's death rate was 2.7%. The positivity rate in the last week in Jakarta was 17.9%, while Indonesia was 15.3%. WHO also set a standard percentage of positive cases of no more than 5%.

Meanwhile, the vaccination process is still ongoing. The total vaccination dose 1 was currently 7,400,420 people (84%), with the number of people being vaccinated in a 1-day dose as many as 117,751 people. As for the total vaccination dose 2 now reached 2,543,030 people (28.8%), with the number of people being vaccinated in a 2-day dose as many as 116,522 people.

Then the achievement of vaccination for children aged 12-17 years, for dose 1 had been carried out to 56.7% and the second dose covered 0.1%. While for residents aged 18-59 years, for dose 1 had been carried out to 88.2% and vaccination for dose 2 covered 28.4%. As for the elderly, vaccination dose 1 was done to 69.1% and vaccination dose 2 included 59.3%. While the mutual cooperation vaccination, for dose 1 had been given to 160,115 people and dose 2 covered 96,743 people.

Based on the daily reports on July 29 at 6 PM, there had been a total fine of Rp 1,400,000. In addition, there were 3 restaurants, food stalls, and cafes which have been temporarily suspended. Then 4 other places of business were also temporarily suspended.

"Hopefully the public can be more disciplined in implementing health protocols and participating in curbing the COVID-19," she hoped.

To get vaccine, residents can go to the vaccination site. However, to speed up vaccination, they must register online via JAKI app or corona.jakarta.go.id/vaksinasi. By registering online, they may choose the schedule and place of vaccination themselves, as well as being able to pre-screening online test.

To find vaccination centers, you can access the Google Maps application, by writing "vaksin COVID-19".

The categories of residents 18+ who can be vaccinated in Jakarta are:

• Residents with Jakarta ID cards

• Residents with ID cards from outside Jakarta, but domiciled in Jakarta (bring domicile information obtained from the RT officer, not necessarily from the RT head)

• Workers in Jakarta who have ID cards from outside Jakarta (bring information from the workplace)

As for the information, the community also has the opportunity to donate with others in the large-scale social collaboration (KSBB) program. They can provide aid in the form of staple foods, fast food and cash. For further information, please visit corona.jakarta.go.id/kolaborasi.