978 Residents Vaccinated at PAM Jaya Vaccination Center in Semanan

Jumat, 30 Juli 2021 12:08 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 110

(Foto: - Beritajakarta.id)

PAM Jaya Vaccination Center at SMPN 205, Semanan Urban Village, Kalideres Sub-district, West Jakarta has served 978 residents aged 12 years to elderly for first dose vaccination on July 26-28, 2021.

This PAM Jaya Vaccination Center uses first dose of Sinovac vaccines. It is held on July 26-30

PAM Jaya President Director, Priyatno Bambang Hernowo mentioned, PAM Jaya as one of Jakarta's BUMD collaborates with institution to support acceleration in vaccination to achieve herd immunity.

"It is the second vaccination center provided by PAM Jaya in order to support COVID-19 vaccination program acceleration in Jakarta," he said, Friday (7/30).

PAM Jaya Vaccination Center is targeting 400 doses per day with 190 doses for surrounding residents who have registered through their local RT/RW administrators, while 160 doses for students of SMPN 205 and 50 doses for general public who have registered via JAKI application.

"This PAM Jaya Vaccination Center uses first dose of Sinovac vaccines. It is held on July 26-30," he informed.

He reminded vaccination participants to implement strict health protocol and 5M (wearing mask properly, maintaining safe distance, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility).

"We hope residents who have been vaccinated to remain vigilant and follow government's advice, especially not to leave home if there is no urgent need," he stated.

This vaccination center received appreciation from West Jakarta Mayor, Uus Kuswanto. According to him, PAM Jaya is very helpful in accelerating vaccination in Jakarta, especially West Jakarta.

"Jakarta has vaccination target as many as 23,000 doses per day. We are grateful because PAM Jaya has been very helpful," he conveyed.

Previously, PAM JAYA has also held vaccination center for residents at SDN 05 Duri Kosambi, Duri Kosambi Urban Village, Cengkareng Sub-district, West Jakarta.