Jakarta Wins Award as Province of Child-Friendly Trustee

Kamis, 29 Juli 2021 21:08 Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing 77

(Foto: Istimewa - Beritajakarta.id)

Jakarta has won an award as the Province of Child-Friendly Trustee from Indonesian Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA). This award was announced virtually by PPPA Minister, I Gusti Ayu Bintang Darmawati, Thursday (7/29).

This achievement is a joint success in fulfilling children's rights

Jakarta PPAPP Agency Head, Tuty Kusumawati mentioned, Child-Friendly City (KLA) award was carried out through stages from KLA planning, pra-KLA, KLA implementation, KLA evaluation, and KLA ranking. KLA qualifications are achieved in stages, namely Pratama, Madya, Nindya, Utama, and KLA.

"Based on final verification result, Thousand Islands Regency and five administrative cities received appreciation in form of Madya and Nindya predicates," she stated.

She explained, KLA Nindya predicate has been received by South Jakarta, North Jakarta, and East Jakarta. While KLA Madya predicate has been received by Thousand Islands, Central Jakarta, and West Jakarta.

"This achievement is a joint success in fulfilling children's rights which is carried out continuously and in collaboration with all parties, such as regional officials, business sector, journalists, universities, and community institutions," she added.

She hopes KLA 2021 evaluation can make Jakarta Government and all stakeholders to be motivated to work together in fulfilling children's rights and protection in Jakarta.

"This is an integral part of realizing Child-Friendly Indonesia or Idola in 2030," she conveyed.

For information, KLA is a development system that guarantees children's rights and protection for children which is carried out in a planned, comprehensive, and sustainable manner.

KLA development is intended to build local government's initiatives that lead to efforts to transform the convention on children's rights from legal framework to development policies, programs, and activities aimed at fulfilling children's rights and protection in Regency and City levels in order to realize KLA.

KLA evaluation is carried out based on 24 indicators summarized in institutions with three indicators and five KLA clusters. Namely, Civil Rights and Freedom Cluster (three indicators); Family Environment and Alternative Parenting Cluster (five indicators); Basic Health and Welfare Cluster (six indicators); Education, Leisure, and Cultural Activities Cluster (three indicators); and Children Special Protection Cluster (four indicators).