228 SMPN 62 Students Vaccinated at RPTRA Citra Permata

Kamis, 29 Juli 2021 21:52 Nurito 259

(Foto: Nurito - Beritajakarta.id)

This Thursday (7/29), 228 students of SMPN 62 have been vaccinated at RPTRA Citra Permata, Rawa Bunga, Jatinegara, East Jakarta.

Today, vaccination is scheduled for SMPN 62 students with total 647 students

Rawa Bunga Urban Village Head, Agustina mentioned, vaccination service for students at RPTRA will be held for the next two weeks. It was held since Monday (7/26) through collaboration between his side with health center and private collaborators.

According to her, students were very enthusiastic about participating in vaccination at RPTRA Citra Permata. In the first three days, from Monday (7/26) to Wednesday (7/28), 843 students from SMAN 54 were vaccinated at the location.

Then her side targeted 647 students from SMPN 62 to be vaccinated on Thursday (7/28), Friday (7/30), and Monday (8/2). Next, vaccination is targeted to be given to 126 students from SMP YPMI and 800 students from SMP/SMA Antonius.

"Today, vaccination is scheduled for SMPN 62 students with total 647 students. On the first day, vaccination activity is attended by 228 students," she explained.

SMPN 62 Deputy Principal for Student Affairs, Fitra Indriawati assessed, vaccination activity held at RPTRA Citra Permata was very helpful for students because the location was very close to the school. Thus most students whose houses are near school don't have to go far for vaccination.

"We are greatly helped by vaccination service at RPTRA. Because we get special quota or priority. Besides time for vaccination has been scheduled before. Thus the process can be completed quickly," she said.

Total students in the region who haven't been vaccinated is currently 647 students. While there are 285 students who have been vaccinated.

"The number will continue to increase because students take vaccination in various vaccination sites. Such as GBK, GOR Ciracas, and Jatinegara City Plaza," she closed.

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