Satpol PP: 23 People in Grogol Petamburan Netted for not Wearing Masks

Kamis, 29 Juli 2021 18:34 Wuri Setyaningsih 128

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As many as 23 people were netted by the Grogol Sub-district Satpol PP in the mask operation held at Jalan Kusuma, Jelambar Baru Urban Village, Grogol Petamburan Sub-district, West Jakarta, on Thursday (7/29).

We punish them with social and administrative sanctions

"We punish them with social and administrative sanctions," expressed Grogol Petamburan Sub-district Satpol PP Head, Ujang Baehaki.

Of 23 people, he said, one was subject to administrative sanction worth Rp 100,000 and 22 others were subject to social sanction.

"We also routinely give education and socialization on the importance of implementing the 5M health protocol during the pandemic like today," he stated.

By doing so, he hoped that residents could be more obedient in implementing health protocols to break the chain of spreading Covid-19.