MRT Block A Station Opens First Dose Vaccination on July 29-31, 2021

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PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) will held first dose COVID-19 vaccination at MRT Block A Station on July 29-31, 2021, at 08:00-15:00.

We use sinovac vaccine for this vaccination

This MRT Jakarta vaccination center is facilitating residents who want to take vaccination by coming directly to vaccination location without having to register first.

PT. MRT Corporate Secretary Division Acting Head (Plt), Ahmad Pratomo mentioned, residents who want to take vaccination on the spot are encouraged to bring identity card (KTP) for those aged 18 years and over or Family Card (KK) for those aged 12-17 years.

"We use sinovac vaccine for this vaccination," he added, Wednesday (7/28).

This vaccination activity is held, he explained, as an effort to respond, prevent, and stop virus from spreading more widely. This vaccination is also expected to help residents to achive herd immunity as soon as possible, especially in Jakarta.

"We encourage all people who haven't been vaccinated yet to register and take a part in free vaccination activities that have been held in various locations, including MRT Block A Station," he said.

People who want to take a part in this vaccination can register directly at vaccination location or through JAKI application with following terms and conditions;

1. Register via Jaki application

2. Bring the printout of Vaccination Control Card/pre-screening

3. Indonesian citizens aged 18 years and over (using KTP number)

4. Indonesian citizens aged 12-17 years register using Family Identification Number (NIK) on Family Card (KK)

5. Healthy and not pregnant. For COVID-19 survivors, they should have recovered at least for three months

6. Show doctor's recommendation letter when you are being treated for disease

7. Not registered as a previous vaccine recipient

8. Show original ID card

9. Bring and show all required documents on the day of vaccination

"You can also come directly to vaccination center at MRT Block A Station by bringing your ID card (KTP) or family card (KK)," he conveyed.

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