Anies Appreciates Children's High Interest in Reading

Rabu, 28 Juli 2021 23:01 Yudha Peta Ogara 108

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Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan attended Baca Jakarta 2021 event which was held online by Jakarta Library and Archive Agency (Dispusip) on Wednesday (7/28). On that occasion, he appreciated children's high interest in reading.

There are more than 30 thousand registrants, it means interest in reading is growing rapidly

"Congratulations on joining reading activity. It should become a habit. When you like reading, even it takes time but it can help us to have good imagination to improve our creativity, ideas, and innovation. When we read, our imagination grows and nothing is the same, thus it creates so many narrations," said Anies, who also read a story entitled Senangnya Selalu Jujur created by Vani Diana.

He explained that children must grow up with good imagination through reading habit. Reading together can be done daily and weekly, including for parents. They can read any books they like thus reading becomes a habit and a culture.

"So, let's make reading a habit, God willing, you will be creative and innovative children. I appreciate all of your hard work in completing Jakarta Reading Movement while filling your weekend and being active in learning activities. I can feel your enthusiasm. There are more than 30 thousand registrants, it means interest in reading is growing rapidly," he conveyed.

According to him, interest in reading and reading skill should be developed continuously. Therefore, parents should support their children by assisting them in building reading habit. He also advised children to increase their interest in writing, which is inseparable from reading habit.

For information, Jakarta Dispusip returned to held Gerakan Baca Jakarta (Jakarta Reading Movement) for 30 days. It is a reading challenge for school-age children to read books for 30 days on June 14 to July 13.